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November 2 - 3, 2010 • Hyatt Regency Century Plaza • Los Angeles • CA
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Ron Yekutiel
Chairman, CEO

Ron is a serial technology entrepreneur starting companies in Israel, US, and Canada in the fields of Internet, mobile applications, and security.  Previous ventures include co-founding and running Destinator Technologies and VisualGate Systems, as well as SVP at Paradigm Advanced Technologies. 

Ron is an extremely well-versed and charismatic.  His expertise covers a wide range of topics related to online video and the high-tech world in general based on his vast experience.  He's especially known for his fast-talking, and his talent for coming up with fast answers to tricky questions that are thrown his way. Ron has spoken at many industry events including TechCrunch40, OnHollywood, Summit at Stanford, and more. 

A former helicopter pilot, Ron loves traveling to authentic locations (Papua New Guinea and the Amazon are his favorites) and being breathless - shark feeding scuba diving, parachuting and bungee jumping to name a few.

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